How to manually install theme files

First step is to go to your “Online Store” and edit your themes code.

Then scroll the list of files down until you reach the “snippets” section and “add a new snippet”

name the snippet


Then paste in the text from here 

it’ll look something like this (the code might be slightly different but the link above is the most up to date version)

click ‘Save’

Now we have to link to this new snippet from the product ‘section’ code. Scroll the list of theme files up a bit and click on the “section” heading. Then you need to find the product template, most themes will use


if you can’t find it then please contact us for help.

Find all the instances of


and replace them with

{% include 'otabs' %}

this will add all the code from the otabs.liquid snippet we created earlier.

click ‘Save’